Eighty percent of change initiatives fail because of the people involved. Without the organization’s employees and its executives being an active part of the change, it is sure to fail. We understand that effective strategies move beyond a plan to a more focused way of thinking, seeing and talking about your business. Your strategy reflects who and what you are at the core of your being. A strategy that is not true to who you are will never work for you.


An effective strategy permeates every aspect of your enterprise. Strategic thinking must become a way of life for every stakeholder. It is not a calendar-driven event.


We help you develop a plan that leads you to the achievement of greatness over time. Share the plan with everyone, ensuring that they understand how what they do contributes to the company’s growth.


Your operational processes and decision-making should all align with your strategic plan. Strategy is not the purveyance of executives. It is intended to be a shared process, leading to shared successes.

Fluidity Is An Asset, Change Is An Ally

If there is one thing, we have all learned, it’s that unexpected market fluctuations can send even the best companies tumbling down a very slippery slope. Talking about being agile and flexible is all well and good- but it’s ultimately meaningless if you cannot be agile and flexible in the face of increased market volatility. We work with you to understand your organization and your market thoroughly. Our planning is based on insights, in-depth analysis and careful discernment, not guesswork.

Remember, strategy is more than a plan.

Every decision, every action, every merger, every acquisition, every innovation and technology is guided by your strategy and should align correspondingly. We transform and develop strategies that work, enabling you to make right and timely decisions

Developing ITAM Strategies That Work

A robust ITAM strategy starts with expert analysis of organizational needs, followed by C-suite buy-in, which leads to operational efficiencies and cost savings over time. A well-designed strategy also makes the most of available resources, identifies technology and software needs based on business objectives and existing IT portfolios, makes allowances for company growth and evolving technology requirements, and implements an ongoing IT Quality Assurance function that monitors all aspects of IT operations. It also helps recruit, motivate and reward competent, motivated IT personnel.

How We Help

We help you develop a detailed strategy that is aligned to your current and future IT and Business needs. It will include a detailed process maturity assessment to provide a baseline of your current ITAM, SAM, and service maturity, clearly outline the future vision and desired state and provide recommendations regarding how to achieve this. The strategy development process will also address resourcing, reporting lines, risk management and assurance, procurement and cross-charging requirements and IT governance.

What We Do

  • Business strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Cybersecurity strategy
  • Enterprise architecture
  • IT asset management (ITAM) strategy
  • Software asset management (SAM) strategy
  • Technology strategy


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