advisory services

Tackling today’s toughest issues and creating tomorrow’s trends

Our expert advisory team is dedicated to assisting you in achieving immediate and quantifiable cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved utilization rate. You should be able to take technological issues and turn them into opportunities for innovation, growth, and sustainable business results.

our services

  • CIO/CTO advisory services
  • ITAM transformation and advisory
  • IT cost management and reduction
  • Key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Program and project management
  • Risk advisory
  • Software asset management (SAM) advisory
  • Strategy and governance
  • Technology advisory

it asset management

Maximize the value of your technology

End-to-end strategic and transformative IT asset management. We help you control costs, reduce your exposure to liability, and improve your return on investment.

our services

  • IT Asset Management (ITAM) Advisory
  • ITAM governance and risk management
  • ITAM maturity assessment
  • ITAM program design and development
  • IT cost management and reduction
  • M&A IT due diligence and integration
  • Organizational change management
  • Policy development
  • Process design and improvement
  • Program and project management
  • Stakeholder enagement
  • Strategy and roadmap
  • Tool selection and evaluation

organization and change

It’s Not The Change, It’s How You Manage It

Anchor change in corporate culture; avoid organizational chaos; achieve timely innovations; and minimizing risk and disruption. Manage change.

our services

  • Change management
  • Current and future state assessments
  • IT innovation and marketing
  • Organization strategy and design
  • Risk management
  • Strategic agility
  • Strategic communications
  • Talent assessment and strategy

software asset management

Optimize your software to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and guarantee compliance

Software asset management is in the Nahteava DNA. We help you save money and avoid compliance headaches by helping you establish a robust SAM program, SAM strategy, developing and designing SAM policies and processes, and advising on the right tools to maintain its oversight.

our services

  • SAM advisory
  • SAM health check and heat map
  • SAM program design and development
  • SAM tool selection and evaluation
  • Policy development
  • Process design and improvement
  • Program and project management
  • Software audit defense
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Strategy and governance


Seeing Your Vision Clearly

Strategy is more than a plan. Every decision, every action, every merger, every acquisition, every innovation and technology is guided by your strategy and should align correspondingly. Too much is at stake to make the wrong move. Strategy is everything – except a ball and chain. We transform and develop strategies that work, enabling you to make right and timely decisions.

our services

  • Business strategy
  • Communication strategy
  • Cybersecurity strategy
  • Enterprise architecture
  • IT asset management (ITAM) strategy
  • Software asset management (SAM) strategy
  • Technology strategy

technology consulting

We find the right fit for today and tomorrow

We know where the land mines are and we help steer you clear. We can tell you from experience with clients, large and small, domestic and global, what will most likely succeed and what would predictably fail. We know the vendor products inside out. We know what works well and what doesn’t. We don’t play favorites.

our services

  • Implementation project management
  • M&A IT due diligence and integration
  • Scoping and requirements
  • Solution conceptual design
  • Technology advisory and strategy
  • Technology assessment and roadmap
  • Vendor evaluation, identification, and selection

what sets us apart

We love what we do. Our trusted advisors and consultants are the ‘accessible experts’ of the ITAM, SAM, HAM world. We are the strategic partner that stays with you and makes you a permanent member of the Nahteava family. We help you make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions, and deliver the sustainable success you desire. Results that go beyond financial and are uniquely tailored, pragmatic, holistic, and enduring.

This team is the best in the world, and we are excited to work with you.

What challenge are you facing?