Nahteava Approach – NP3

Clients choose us because our comprehensive, value driven Nahteava P3 (NP3) approach delivers lasting results:


We understand that at the end of the day, sustainable results are what really matter.


We assure long-term success by working closely with your people, transferring knowledge, enthusiasm, and hand-on expertise to your employees.


We custom-design vendor-neutral solutions that align with your overall business objectives and fit your pragmatic needs, resources and budgets.

The NP3 approach begins with an analysis of your strategic objectives and tactical needs, followed by development of a customized plan that aligns with your long-term strategies and immediate needs. We help implement the plan, including training of your people to make sure they understand and support the changes involved with new technologies, systems, and processes. Finally, we monitor operations and help make adjustments to optimize your processes.

NP3 jump-starts your performance with a proactive solution that anticipates future needs, such as company growth, innovation, IT maturity and marketplace changes. Project. implementations incorporate your culture and history, meshing human processes with automation. We phase implementations strategically to match your goals and product requirements, and tactically to ensure a clear path to achieving project goals.

All Nahteava services and solutions are value-based, vendor-neutral and brand-agnostic, – focused on your measurable goals, current and future. Our team participate in projects in a variety of roles: trusted advisor, strategists, project leadership, technology advisory, technology implementation or remediation, ITAM/SAM program design and development, process development, best-practice advice, coaching, database and integration work.


Let Us Help You Succeed!