Who We Are

Nahteava is the leading independent consulting firm with a holistic approach that organizations around the world come to for unbiased, trusted advice and solutions for it asset management, software asset management, strategy, and technology advisory.

Founded in 2014, Nahteava is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and has satellite offices in major business markets across the U.S. Consulting services are offered globally to mid-to-large size companies, universities, public sector agencies (government, city, state agencies), and non-profits. Our consultants, advisors and strategists have been deeply involved in the Management Consulting, Technology Consulting, ITAM, SAM, and Audit industry since 2000.

How We Help

We help you understand your current business situation, recommending and executing cost-effective best practice process improvements, strategic communications, tool recommendations and automated enhancements to your systems that close risk gaps, increase productivity, result in cost efficiency, better customer service management and delivery, and strengthen cybersecurity.

We believe in building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our valued clients. It is not enough for us to turn up, do good work, help you grow and then disappear. We engage with you wholeheartedly, becoming fully involved in your business and investing as much of ourselves in your success as you do.

Fast Facts

97% client satisfaction rating

75% of our business is through repeat clients or referrals

We partner with clients in 10 countries around the world

Our senior management team has a hands-on approach with all our clients

Our people come from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wealth of knowledge to solve your problems

From meeting with the boardroom executives to working alongside asset / service managers, we have a broad 360-degree understanding

The Nahteava Difference

ITAM / SAM is in the Nahteava DNA

IT and Software Asset Management services have been a primary field of concentration for Nahteava since the company was founded.

Accessible Expertise:

From the CEO on down, Nahteava consultants are the ‘accessible experts’ of the ITAM/SAM world. We are the strategic partner that stays with you and makes you a permanent member of the Nahteava family.

Shared Knowledge and Training

The Nahteava “open book” approach to consulting provides client staff with shared practical experiences and professional knowledge for the long-term benefit of the client team and for the continuing success of the ITAM, SAM or Automation program. ITAM/SAM is so much a part of what we do, it’s hard not to share the knowledge.

Vendor neutrality & client advocacy

Many consulting companies depend on a specific solution set, and their advice may reflect the vendor ‘company line’ regarding product functionality rather than experience-based solutions and advice. Nahteava often sits on their client’s side of the table, forcing vendor transparency on important issues that the vendor may not normally volunteer.

Technology Expertise

Nahteava consultants are experts in assessing, planning, and implementing programs using IT Asset Management and Software Asset Management tools from the major vendors. We know the vendor products inside out. We know what works well and what doesn’t. We don’t play favorites.

Our Values


In the end, talented, committed people with integrity will always win out. We believe in respect for every individual working at Nahteava, and we value them as much as we value their contribution to our success. Our responsibility is to provide them with the tools and resources that help them reach their full potential, and then place them in situations where their skills and abilities help them succeed. We are as committed to their advancement as they are to your success. We value diversity and nurture an inclusive workplace environment.


For truly passionate people, the drive to excel never fades or dies. We pursue excellence with a laser-like focus, ensuring that the solutions we develop and deliver make a positive impact in the marketplace. Groundbreaking innovation, critical thinking and a client-centric emphasis help us to ensure that we perform at the highest levels of achievement in each and every engagement.


Our integrity, both as a company and as individuals, is priceless. We will never compromise our integrity for any reason. Operating and conducting our business in an ethical and honest, open manner is the cornerstone of our success. The moral compass that guides our every interaction points the way to fair treatment and respectful attitudes toward you, our team and stakeholders. We mean what we say, and we do what we say we will do in every situation. Our reputation is built on these traits, and they are sacred to us.

Social Responsibility

Good corporate citizen is important to us. With that in mind, we hold ourselves accountable to the Highest Authority for our ethical behavior both in and out of the workplace. Our teams are encouraged to participate in activities and organizations working to make where we live, work and play a better place for all of us. Whether it is time, money, or expertise, giving back matters.

Our Impact

The world can be a troubled and troubling place, and sometimes that reality can hit close to home. To help those in trouble, as well to provide significant positive improvements and impacts to our neighbors, our communities and our environment, as a company, and as individuals, we are committed to making the world a better place for all of us.

Let Us Help You Succeed!