It goes without saying that the market for software products in the ITAM, SAM and Discovery spaces is fiercely competitive. Customers want software products that meet their specific needs. If you want to compete, you need to make sure your product has the capabilities to help them innovatiate and transform their it asset management, software asset management, or software license compliance business needs. Enriching their work, improving productivity and delivering tangible results.

We Know Your Market

Our software industry consultants are industry experts and have been in the industry since 2000 working with clients and providers of services and products in the ITAM/SAM/HAM/Discovery space. The unique mixture of experiences over the years has developed a keen understanding of what CIOs, CFOs, IT Directors and the other movers and shakers in IT truly need and want in their tools. As advocates for more effective ways of managing there IT infrastructure, we’re deeply committed to these organizations, analyzing their needs, and architecting practical solutions to help move them closer to best practices.

We Know What Works

Nahteava comes in with a fresh perspective. Our deep understanding of your customers and competitors allows us to provide a unique, objective perspective on how your product should incorporate ITAM and SAM.

We have had the privilege to be a strategic partner with many corporate, government and academic organizations, many of whom are your customers, whose strategies depend on intelligent use of technological assets. The advantage to your company is the Nahteava team has worked with hundreds of clients, gaining a broader perspective of the marketplace than can be gained from a single vantage point.

We advise your product design and development teams on how to enhance your existing products with ITAM and SAM capabilities; and how to add ITAM and SAM to new products. ITAM and SAM is in our DNA. We know what customers need to succeed.

What We Do

  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • IT Asset Management Advisory
  • Product Strategy
  • Software Asset Management Advisory
  • Software Product Design Advisory

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