IT and Software Asset Management (ITAM-SAM)

Companies looking to control costs most likely start by looking at their IT spending. ITAM is a portfolio approach to measuring the technical, financial, and service condition of an IT infrastructure. It encompasses the physical attributes of an asset with service and financial data that support it throughout its lifecycle. If your business has IT assets that aren't being used to their best advantage or are lying dormant, it's costing you money.

Control IT Cost
Make the Connection
Is There Too Much Redundancy

Control IT Costs

Animus reminds you that your investment in technology is not about the technology; It's about producing meaningful results and useful information.

Make The Connection

Animus ensures that your technology increases your reach, enhances your communications and enables you to seize opportunities quickly.

Is There Too Much Redundancy?

Animus makes sure that your technology puts the right information into the right hands at every decision point.
IT Asset Management

IT Asset Management

Animus' IT Asset Management specialists sort through and identify all your IT resources, assess their costs, licensing agreements and performance. Our deep analysis will reveal, among other things:

• What assets you have

• How they're being sed and by whom

• What they're costing you and, most importantly

• What they're producing in return

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management

As your business grows, so does the complexity of its software usage. Our professional software asset management team helps medium to large organizations save money and avoid compliance headaches by evaluating current software inventory/licensing, creating processes to manage it, and providing the right tools to maintain its oversight.

Plus, Animus can get your software assets under control fast with a quick-start project that won't break the bank.

Procative Software Audit Compliance Program

Proactive Software Audit Compliance Program

A service that identifies software licensing gaps within the enterprise and can prevent unwanted fees from a software vendor’s audit. Animus’ quick-start methodology provides fast results to reduce software costs and the risk of license non-compliance, and does not require major business process changes or protracted initiatives.

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